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Hot Fudge Ice Cream
hot fudge for ice cream

Meet Coop's

Born in an ice cream shop, Coop’s has innovated and perfected our rich, smooth hot fudge and caramel recipe variations for more than a decade. Family-owned and crafted in small batches with absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives, every ingredient in every jar of Coop’s is all-natural and meticulously sourced. The result? Something mouthwateringly addictive (don't say we didn't warn you!)
But our love for Coop’s doesn’t just come from how it’s made—we love that it brings something good to the world. Something uniquely special, centered around connection, nostalgia and indulgence. Every spoonful of perfectly salty-sweet caramel sauce to java-filled mocha sauce creates a little goodness and countless joyful moments. It’s no wonder so many people write to us saying “I need my Coop’s.”
Coop's is committed to making a broader impact. As a Benefit Corporation, Coop's commits to donating 1% of revenue or 20% of profit each year.


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