New look, same ooey gooey goodness - Previously Coop's Microcreamery

The Brownie Sundae

Ooey gooey goodness with varying temperature and texture make each bite of the brownie sundae excitingly unique. The curation of each component of a brownie sundae is paramount to a dynamic experience.

It's critical to begin with an exceptional foundation. Use your favorite homemade recipe or consider the  Tahini Swirl Brownie recipe from Milk Street for something more exotic. For plant-based, diary free, we use Nora's brownie recipe or Partake's brownie mix off the shelf.

The Brownie Sundae is best served warm: allow enough cooling time for effective brownie extraction with enough quickness to maintain some heat. Layer a relatively generously sized brownie, then 1-2 scoops of ice cream and then Coop's, making sure not to overdo any element.